Marshall Veroni is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter from Owen Sound, Ontario with a sound that rings with a raw honesty about the human condition that turns his performances into something intimate and personal, regardless the size of the audience. 

From a young age Veroni had a passion for word craft which is evident in his ability to speak to an audience, commanding their presence. Veroni’s music is best summed up like this: you can’t ignore the feelings he evokes when playing to you. Though they are yours, uniquely, he has an ability to bring them out. 

With the release of his first studio record he intends to share his music with all of Canada. From October to December of 2018 Veroni is touring all of Ontario for his tour as a part of the In Fields release. After booking the entire tour, he was inspired to plan the next and intends to tour the entirety of Canada from spring to winter of 2019. During the summer of 2019 Veroni intends to self-release a four-track EP of songs recorded, fittingly, from a small southern Ontario cottage by a river. His next full length album is set to begin tracking in November of 2019. 

- Jacob Kirby