Marshall Veroni

Folk. rock. alt-country. singer songwriter

Ontario, Canada

His songwriting instantly evokes emotion as he weaves through each song with ease – channeling key writing and performing qualities from writing greats like Canada’s own City & Colour, or music veteran Ron Pope” - Rebecca Mattina

Canadian Beats

Throughout his touring journeys, Veroni has continued to establish himself within the community of folk music connoisseurs with fans taking a liking towards his sincerity, emotional vulnerability, and crafty and witty use of words” - Aaron Willschick

V13 Media

Veroni clearly has a knack for creating a sound that turns his performances into something intimate and personal, regardless of the size of the audience.” - Michael Collins

Glasse Factory


Bio (Short): 

Marshall Veroni is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. His performances combine high-energy folk rock with heartfelt audience interaction, and lyrics that will make you feel something. His vulnerable demeanour blends seamlessly with his emotive playing style and unique vocal performances. Writing from the heart, Veroni bonds with listeners overs themes of love, loss, and the human condition. In 2021 he released “Everybody Doesn't Know” a song that was graciously received by the music community around the world. Touring mainly in Canada, he has opened for artists like Ariel Posen, Field Guide and Blue Rodeo. With his band, Marshall Veroni and The Family Table have taken their unabashed mix of high energy alt-folk-country rock, and intimate songwriting to festival stages across the country. His recent release of single “Young Still” has received glowing feedback and the song has reached 40k streams within the first month of its release. 


Bio (Long):

 Marshall Veroni is an independent songwriter, performer and touring musician from Owen Sound, Ontario who works collaboratively with musicians around southern Ontario.  

In his late teens,  Marshall began writing and performing solo, carving out his own unique blend of vulnerable, acoustic folk songs that speak to the human condition and pull on the heartstrings of listeners. In 2016/2017,  his song “Falling Out” earned him a position as a National Finalist in The CBC Searchlight competition. Later that year he performed to a massive festival crowd at  Summertime Blues music festival, where he spent two days warming the stage for Blue Rodeo, April Wine, Joel Plaskett and George Thorogood.  

Marshall released his first solo album In fields in 2018. The album received glowing reviews from local music reviewers such as Canadian Beats, Exclaim and Rrampt Arts and Culture. His song “We Met” was licensed for the 2020 Netflix drama series Spinning Out - the seires earned him a substantial growth in global listenership. The album has over 80,000 streams globally and has awarded him a loyal following throughout Canada and a growing fanbase around the world. 

Since the release of his 2018 album, Marshall has toured to festival stages, intimate venues, private events and house concerts, sharing his songs and performances with audiences across Canada. In 2022 and 2023 Marshall toured Ontario and the east coast twice, completing over 150 shows during the two years.

In July 2021, Marshall released his single Everybody Doesn’t Know, a song representative of his growth and experience as an artist, that features multi-instrumentalist and composer Abby Gundersen, of Seattle, WA and was recorded at MKONDO studio in Kitchener, alongside producer and recording engineer Brandon Fehderau. Fehderau has become Marshall’s musical confidant and together the pair continue to accelerate the evolution of his music. 

At the end of 2021, Marshall started working with music management and promotional group Good Company Productions to create a new live performance and recording project with a talented group of Canadian musicians. Currently the group are recording, performing and rehearsing regularly in preparation for the 2023 touring season. 

After two jam-packed touring seasons throughout 2022 and 2023, Veroni is now hard at work preparing to release a series of songs recorded with his band, as well as solo music. “Young Still” will be available for streaming on November 24th, 2023, with a track releasing each month that follows until spring of 2024.  During the winter of 2024, Marshall will be heading back to a small studio outside of Hamilton, Ontario to record 4 songs that will make up an acoustic ep, entitled “ Songs of Loss” 




Notable Highlights: 

-International television and radio play from 2019-present.
-Canadian radio play: CBC, local stations, campus as well as mainstream radio stations through US and Canada. 
-Placement of We Met in 2020 Netflix drama series ‘Spinning Out’. Released globally. 
-Opening act for: Blue Rodeo, Joel Plaskett, April Wine, George Theorgood, Ariel Posen, Field Guide, Jeremy Albino 
-100k Streams globally 
-Collaborations with renowned artists such as: Abby Gundersen and Rachel Hickey 
-Multiple successful cross-Canada tours


Official artist at Folk Music Ontario, CMW, NXNE, Summerfolk Music Festival, Springtide Music Festival, Wintersong, Festival of Friends, Paisley Blues Fest, Summertime Blues Fest. Cross-Canada tours from 2018-2023 with sold out shows at Heartwood Concert Hall (Owen Sound), Art House Cafe (Ottawa), Burdock (Toronto), Irene's Pub (Ottawa), Petite Maison Des Arts (Montreal), Four Rivers Brew co. (New Brunswik). Over 100k streams globally, placement in internationally viewed Netflix Series, collaborator with Brandon Fehderau (prod), Brandon Pero (prod), Abbey Gundersen (multi-instrumentalist/ singer-songwriter), Rachel Hickey (singer-songwriter), Brontae Hunter (singer-songwriter). Opening act for: Blue Rodeo, April Wine, Joel Plaskett, Ariel Posen, Field Guide, Fish and Bird. International radio play and playlist placement.

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